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Not surprisingly, Belize has beautiful weather. Hot sunny days, warm nights and at our cabanas, reliable evening breezes to cool things off at night (note the current weather link on the left). There is however, better times to go than others. The most popular season is during the drier months; mid November through May. Although the rainy months are not so wet that you are limited in what you can do. Tourists commonly visit Belize all year long.

The hurricane season is from August to September, however Belize is fortunate to be tucked into the southwest corner of the Caribbean Sea and typically misses most of action. Spectacular tropical thunder and lightning storms are common during this time.

  • Snorkeling

Hopkins snorkeling
There is a barrier reef, one of the few unspoiled such reefs in the world, just a 40 minute boat ride from Hopkins and our manager, Dorothy, will be happy to book a snorkel excursion for you with a qualified boat and guide. They will provide snorkel equipment, lunch and beverages. Snorkeling in this area is absolutely fantastic. There are several locations to choose from so it is best to talk with Dorothy about where is best to visit.


  • Beaches

Our beach, shown below, is about as good as it gets. Clear blue water, golden brown sand and a shallow slope that allows you toHopkins Beach walk out about 50 meters and still only be up to your waist. On days when the sea is a little less calm, enjoy body surfing and wind surfing. The water temperature ranges from about 76 to 83 degrees F. and is perfect for cooling off after a hot day in a beach chair. Hopkins boasts some of the finest beaches in Belize. In fact, the only others that are comparable are further south towards Placencia or on some of the cayes offshore.

  • Wind Surfing

Hopkins WindsurfingHopkins has excellent beaches for windsurfing and Windschief located in the heart of the village offers both rentals and lessons.They also rent surfing equipment to use in Hopkins or you can bring their gear elsewhere in Belize to enjoy other surfing areas. Ollie and Pam run the place and Ollie is an excellent instructor. After a hard day on the waves, you can relax with a beer or two at Ollie's little beachfront bar, play darts on Saturday night or even catch a movie once in awhile. The bar is open everyday except Thursdays and there is usually a dance night until the late hours every Friday night. It is the best place to chill out for a drink while in Hopkins with other travelers and often some locals too!

  • Sittee River Tours

Sittee River Tours

Sittee River is a peaceful, riverine corner of the country with its own calm mood. Continuing on the road from Hopkins, you'll pass through False Sittee, followed by the village of Sittee River, occupying a few bends of the slow, flat river.

The road turns upstream, looping westward, about six miles back to the Southern Highway. Sittee River qualifies as a village only in the loosest sense, with a few houses, Reynold's Store, some jungly places to stay, a few resorts, and more often than not, a few insects. Choose from several fully screened accommodations from which to soak up the thick, tropical tranquility.

There are dive shops and boats to whisk you out to the cayes, excellent fishing (snook, tarpon, peacock bass, sheepshead, and barracuda), and, only 12 miles by road to the west, the entrance to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Sittee River just three miles south of Hopkins makes a great day trip for a riverboat cruise, bird watching, looking for crocodiles and nature appreciation in general. Lining the river along is lush jungle. Parrots, Toucans and many other birds can be spotted along its banks. Again, just ask Dorothy at Lebeha Drumming Center for more details and she can book this for you as well.

  • Other things to see & do
Cockscomb Wildlife SantuaryCockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve. Only a few miles west of Hopkins, this santuary covers about 150 sqare miles and is the only Jaguar preserve in the world. While sighting the elusive jaguar is rare, there are hundreds of other animals you can spot in this protected area.

Belize Tubing
Cave Tubing Imagine yourself exploring an underground river through gorgeous limestone formations and underground water falls. Cave Tubing is a uniquely Belizean experience and a Cave Branch tubing encounter is something that should not be missed. Contact Dorothy for details.

Belize ZooThe Belize Zoo is a wonderful place to see many of the animals of Belize that you might never see in a lifetime of wandering through the jungles. Well thought out and with an amazing array of different habitats, the zoo is well worth a visit if you have the time to spare.